Lebanon - Lebanese White Pages (leb.org)  

The Lebanese White Pages (leb.org) were born in 1996 from the minds of two Lebanese expatriates. Its mission was to provide the necessary linkage that would help the Lebanese community stick together and improve its solidarity: leb.org was a free service and most importantly a non-profit organization whose only goal was to bring Lebanese people together in an environment free from politics and religion.

As one of our subscribers said: "Nothing ever matches the importance of this endeavor in fostering a national sense of Lebanese identity, one that cuts across sects and regions".

Unfortunately, some good things must come to an end (but hey, we might come back!)

Important note:
For those of you with @leb.org (and more recently @leb.club, @leb.tips and @leb.one) email addresses, the service is and will stay active.

Keep the spirit of Lebanon alive wherever you are!

Lebanese quotes!
I want to congratulate you on a job well done, your service to the Lebanese community at home and abroad is well appreciated, it provides a good cementing bond to Lebanese communities across the world. You have done an excellent job by comming up with your White Pages idea, I will advertise your web to all my friends and relatives in the states and to all the Lebanese organizations that I know about. Best of luck and keep up the good work.
-- George Faddoul | more testimonials